Martial Arts Online

Martial Arts Online

I created this blog to share my and experiences in, and passion for the martial arts.

Although my background is mainly taekwondo, I love and respect all martial arts, and I think they all have their own place and their strengths.

I have been trained by Master Andy Brown, 5th Degree Black Belt, and president of the Scottish Taekwondo Union. My own experiences, apart from taekwondo, include boxing, and I have trained with former IBO world super featherweight champion, Ian McLeod. I am a fully qualifed, professional instructor, registered with the British Taekwondo Council, and I hold a Kukkiwon issued 2nd Degree Black Belt.

Here are my training times and locations. If you’re ever around the west coast of Scotland, please drop in and say hi!

Martial Arts Centre
17 London Road
Tue: 7.45pm – 8.45pm
Sat: 12pm – 1pm

Anderston Mel-Milaap Centre
34 Berkeley Street
Wed: 7pm – 8pm

My Contact Details

Mobile: 07980 077 568


It would be great if you can take some time to browse this site, read some of my archives, and your comments will be much appreciated.

If you click on the categorie ‘martial arts’ on the right hand side,  you’ll get a list of all my articles and posts.

I hope to share my thoughts and experiences here, as an online diary of my journey and personal development, and hopefully inspire you to creatively explore your own potential.


Ahsan Mustafa

7 Responses to “Martial Arts Online”

  1. Ryan Says:

    This guys great, I’ve taken a couple of classes. Looking forward to going back this winter.

    Top Stuff.


  2. Tommy McLean Says:

    Great teacher, very enthusiastic.

  3. Ricky Chan Says:

    Highly experienced, Ahsan taught me how a lot about taekwondo, which I’m continuing to this day.

  4. Dennis Says:


    Nice forums you have i enjoyed reading them. Not sure about stopping by though! not sure if i can swim that far, lol. I would love to come over and see the school and the land after all i am 1/2 Scott or Irish? the family name is Mc Burney. again thanks for the drop by on face book and have a great day!

    Dennis Bollinger 2DBD

  5. Hi
    Here I’am from Buenos Aires Argentina. Ower school of TaekwonDo ITF is Chul Hak San Group.

    I think like Ashan, all martial arts have the same roots and each of them their speciallity.

    Joint ower site, still in spanish but you can see de pictures and videos. This sunday we are havin a tournament with 1.500 participants. Next week we are publiching some videos in youtube.

    Nice blog. See you

  6. Nikki Lee Says:

    Thank you Ahsan, now I can Protect myself in this horrifying world
    wo ai ni (as in I LOVE YOU in cantonese)

  7. Usman Khan Says:

    I have been studying jeet kune do for the past 10 years and now im looking in to Tae Kwon Do, I met Ahsan last year and by looking at his devotion to martial arts I have found further motivation to acheve my Goals.

    Thanks Ahsan & Arshad you’ve been great.

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